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When English is not your forte ...

And you need to prepare for your project presentation in school or university. Or you have a business presentation coming up and you fear public speaking or pitching your business in English, then this Course is for you. So in order to show you what kind of value you will get, I’m going to share with you: My 5 best tips on how to nail that presentation with confidence in English.

Tip #1 Use a script

If you only learnt 1 thing from reading my Course page here, it has to be this: have a script and stick to it.
In the past I have failed miserably so many times because I didn’t have a script. I gave my presentation or my sales pitch based on my emotion of the day. That is a big NO-NO. And that emotion was most of the time filled with ANXIETY, STRESS and PURE PRESSURE. I’m sure we all have been there. We didn’t know EXACTLY what to say, whether that was in our own native language or in any other language for that matter.We were just winging it.

But now I know better: A well-prepared script that is well-thought-out delivers a lot more success than having none or one that is spineless. Of course, you need to practise your script, in front of the mirror, with friends and family, your coach, your teacher, or simply with your best friend: the wall. The wall is patient and doesn't talk back. So yes, preparation is the key.

If you care, you prepare. And if you don't, you won't.

Remember that you simply insult your audience when you take their time for granted and present with little or no preparation. And when I say stick to the script, I do mean STICK to the script: word for word, letter for letter, line for line. I’ve practised the script you see me using in my Course introduction video, so many times in order to make an impact on you and to influence you. And if you are reading this, I've succeeded in doing so. This should then be proof for you to do the same. So make sure that every word that comes out of your mouth is well-thought-out, well-prepared and memorised.

Me helping you to prepare your script, is included in this Course.

After every session, I’ll professionally record chunks of it for you to listen to on a daily basis and for you to practise, practise, practise. This is part of my Effortless English Learning Method™. Click that link to see the video. And when you do, you will see how convinced I am that to me this is the Holy Grail for effortlessly learning how to speak English fluently with confidence and experience great improvements day by day.

Using a script is the hallmark of every successful speaker or influencer. They all do it. It may look like they are NOT using a script but that is because they’ve practised and given their presentation or speech so many times that we don’t see this anymore.

Examples of famous people who do exactly the same:

Take Ronald Reagan for instance. He loved telling jokes about the Russians and if you find them on YouTube, you’ll see and hear that he always tells them in the exact same way, again and again. Proof of script!
The joke about the 10-year delay to receive a new car in the USSR
The same joke

Look at T. Harv Eker’s YouTube video where he presents his secrets of the millionaire mind. He has presented this Course so many times that he doesn’t even stumble anymore. He’s a complete machine. Proof of script!

Look at coaches like Tony Robbins, they trained and coached so many people over the years that you can’t see any lack of confidence. They can go on and on and on. Proof of script!

Motivational speaker “Les Brown”, same thing. Search for different YouTube videos of his and you’ll find that he repeats many stories in the exact same fashion. That is NOT a coincidence. That is a STRATEGY!
Les Brown's encounter with Mr Washington
Again, same story: proof of script

Nearly every stand-up comedian does exactly the same thing. They want to leave an impression on their audience without stumbling or stuttering. Many songs are always performed in the exact same fashion for the same reason: SO THEY GET REMEMBERED!
Everyone wants to be remembered. Funny huh?

And please understand, everything you say is a sales conversation, one way or the other. It’s all psychology. And the better you are, at influencing people and convincing them of your opinions and requests, the more successful you’ll be in life and the more money you’ll earn.

Tip #2 Start With The END GOAL In Mind.

What is the purpose and the point of your presenting your project? Is it to show off your English speaking ability?
Is it to show how confident you are so that more people love you? Or is it having your audience remember the most important message of your presentation?

The question you should really ask yourself is this:

What 1 thing would I want my audience to remember when they walk out of the room?

If they can reproduce it in their own words, you made an impact on them with your message, you are remembered and perhaps, you influenced them in some way. Well done! So this is your starting point! Get clear on that one thing and from there, start creating your presentation.

Tip #3 Create A Solid Structure For Your Presentation

Make a short summary. Here’s a great example:

  1. take your audience on a journey with an interesting story
  2. present the problem that has to be solved or the question that has to be answered
  3. offer your solution
  4. describe the benefits of your solution
  5. make a call to action or end with another compelling story

Tip #4 Simplify Your Language

Like I always say:

If a four-year-old can understand it, then so will everyone else. – Davido Van Haute

Do not use difficult words or what we call “jargon”, special words only used by a profession or particular groups. Except, of course, if you know your audience. If they use it, then you can use it as well. Again simplify your language so that everyone gets it.

Bonus tip: repeat yourself.
Repeat yourself. Let me say that again: repeat yourself. If you say it only 1 time, it’s gone, if you say it multiple times, they’ll remember it. It’s gotta stick like velcro. Don’t be afraid of repeating yourself. Songs are repeated, quotes are repeated, stories are repeated and it's those who can repeat them without subtracting or adding anything to it, that will be remembered as GREAT SPEAKERS.

Repetition is the mother of all learning.

Tip #5 Get A Coach

Even though I'm not such a big fan of Bill Gates, I’m sure you agree with me that Bill Gates is very smart man. And in 2013 he opened his TED talk with the following wise words:

“Everyone needs a coach.”

I believe he’s spot on, right on the money! All the great and successful people all had a coach, a master or a teacher! And often more than one. And for good reason because it’s the smart people who understand that getting 1-to-1 support from the expert in the field, is crucial for them to improve and succeed faster than the rest. The rest who still believe they have to do it all by themselves.

Now if presenting your project in English is a very stressful business and a serious problem for you, and you found this video and this information to be very valuable and helpful to you, take this Course: English Language Coaching for Project Presentation where I’ll teach and coach you 1-to-1 via screen sharing here on 5StarTeachers.net

  • We'll keep all the notes in your private session for you to review.
  • I’ll help you to structure of your presentation
  • I’ll help you define the main thing, i.e. what should be in it and what should be left out.
  • I’ll create short professionally recorded listening exercises after each Session. These are chunks of your script so that you can listen to them, memorise them and reproduce them so you become very comfortable giving your presentation, bit by bit, day by day.

Alright, that's all for now. I look forward to coaching you here 1-to-1 via screen sharing! You too?

Have a great day!

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