Can I work with influencers on this platform?
The Answer: 

Yes you can and you should!

We built a 100% transparent feature for you to cooperate with Influencers so that you can get exposure in their circles, i.e. a market in which you currently have no connections. You don't need to be the marketing expert. Let others do that for you and focus on what you do best, that's our suggestion.

Here are the steps: 

  1. Find yourself an Influencer and negotiate their reward. 5StarTeachers will not interfere in your negotiations with them or dictate how much they should be paid or what they should get. That is totally up to the both of you.
  2. Edit your Course and find the field "Coupon Codes from Influencers". There are 2 values you have to enter: the first is the agreed upon Coupon Code, the second is the email address of the Influencer, in this order. Both the Coupon Code and the Influencer's email address are never shown on the Course or anywhere on the platform.
  3. Save your Course, it automatically becomes "unlisted" which means that only people with the link can see it. And if they are a registered Student, they can book it IF they book it with the correct coupon code from the Influencer. 
  4. Suppose they booked it correctly, both the Teacher and the Influencer get an email that it was successfully booked. 
  5. And when the Teacher decides to take the Course offline (deactivate), the Influencer gets notified of this as well. And therefore this is 100% transparent to both the Teacher and Influencer.
  6. Explain this to your Influencer and we are sure they'll love it because it's so easy.


Good to know about Coupon Codes from Influencers

Courses can have multiple influencer email addresses and coupon codes.

If you had set a Free Course Coupon Code to offer Students a free Single-session Course and you add Coupon Codes from Influencers, your Free Course Coupon Code will be removed automatically.


You have a "listed" Single-session Course that you offer at the regular price of USD 100. To work together with an influencer, you "duplicate" this Course and set the Course price on the duplicate to USD 50, for example. You add the Influencer's email address and the agreed upon coupon code and save it. This Course duplicate is now exactly the same except that it is now available at USD 50. It is also "unlisted" and only bookable with the coupon code from the Influencer. When the Influencer can successfully influence people in their circles to book and buy your Course via the link and the coupon code, they have now bought the Course at a 50% discount because everyone else is paying USD 100. 

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