Can I add translations to my Course description?
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Yes, you can. Up to 4 translations. This is a great strategy to target a specific audience.
You add the translations in the field "Description Other Languages". When you do, make sure that the first text is the 2-letter code of the translated language. Then select these 2 letters and choose the option "language" from the formatting menu. Hit enter and write your translation in the text field. Once you save it, it will show up as a tab for the user to click on.
Note: All Courses load in English first. If you wish the Course translation to appear as the primary language upon loading the page, copy the link of the Course and add: ?lang=FR at the end of the link so that it looks something like this: This will now show in French upon loading and if you use Safari's Reader, you will see the Reader in French. Cool, huh?

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FAQ #2495 - Can I add translations to my Course description?