What is an Added Value post?
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Added Value posts or AV posts, are very similar to articles or blog posts you see on the Internet but this time they contain 5-star value because they are created by a 5StarTeacher. Yay! Each approved 5StarTeacher can create 12 of those in a year. They function similar to the Course creation so that you can set a video, maximum 4 translations, downloadable files and also audio bits that play right in the AV post. The Added Value Video is a regular YouTube video link from your own YouTube account and needs to fulfil a few requirements. AV posts are publicly available, searchable via our AV post listing pages and will be picked up by search engines. You can (and should) attach a Course of yours that you wish to push. It will show up as a Course Ad. Pretty cool, huh?

Note i: if you add a downloadable file, you can check how many people have actually downloaded your file so far. To do so: click the "?" to the right of the download button.
Note ii: The downloadable file is very handy if you are mentioning "a free download" in your YouTube video. You know, when YouTubers say things like "Click the link in the description below to download the free file."

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a slightly transparent red rounded rectangle with a white triangle in the middle and the words video unavailable to show that there is no video available
FAQ #2497 - What is an Added Value post?