Why do we need to set Accepted Commitments?
The Answer: 

To avoid disappointment on both sides.

From experience as Teachers, we often made the mistake to expect our Students to have a high commitment towards their Course but they didn't (because we never asked them). So we were often very disappointed and so were our Students.
Students who agree to a "casual" commitment are not likely to be coachable or willing to be pushed to work harder, follow through or to improve by their Teacher or Coach. Their goals or intentions are not bad but just different.
So to have both sides on the same page from the start, these "Accepted Commitments" will show the Student what level of commitment the Teacher expects from the Student. And this should result in a long lasting Teacher-Student relationship which is beneficial for both parties. You can set multiple "Accepted Commitments" as a strategy to reach a larger audience if you are willing to accept these commitments. During the Course booking, Students will need to select one of your "Accepted Commitments" in order to book this Course with you successfully.

Good to know: Students can search Courses based on the "Accepted Commitments"

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