As a 5StarTeacher, can I create a Course Request too?
The Answer: 

Yes, you can. And you probably should.

When you are logged in as an approved 5StarTeacher, go to your "Available Courses" and click the "Request This" button for a Course, it will automatically create a Request for you and bring you to the Request update page where you should modify a few settings. Make sure to create a GREAT Request title. For example: "Help me learn English for becoming a cabin crew". The Student level and the minimum English level is automatically set to match your Course. Once you set your Request to "Ready to go!", it will go live (published) and your Course will be connected to your Request so that Students can find your Course here as well and book it if they are interested.

When a Student sees a Request in which they are interested, they can 'star' that Request and once you connect your Course to that Request, everyone who has 'starred' this Request will be notified via email.

Note i: every Request is anonymous and can't be updated once it has been published.

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FAQ #2501 - As a 5StarTeacher, can I create a Course Request too?