Can anyone book my Course?
The Answer: 

Only Students can book your Course if they have the required minimum English level, the required Student level and the required gender that you have set on your Course. This is to avoid disappointment.

Minimum English level: If the Student doesn't speak your native language and can't speak English at a level that you require, that's a serious problem. By default the minimum English level is "Beginner" but you can set it as you like.

Student level: By default the Student Level is "Adult". If you want to teach under 18s (kids), you must upload a valid Certificate of Good Conduct on your profile and have it approved by our team. Your CGC is kept private but the Student will see that we approved your CGC. Say you wanted to specifically teach Students of a particular Student Level e.g. Primary 6 because you want to teach them English in preparation for their English Secondary School Interview, that should be possible. Then Students with a different level, cannot book your Course.

Gender: By default the gender for your Course is set to "any" but you if you only wanted to teach "females", you'd set it to "female any". Then Students who are males, cannot book your Course. And if you only wanted to teach people from the LGBTQ+ community, you'd set it to LGTBTQ+.

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