How many Courses can I activate?
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You can activate a maximum of 5 Single-session Courses and 5 Multi-session Courses at any one time. This means that you can have maximum 10 Courses in total that are available for booking. Some or all of these Courses can be set to "unlisted". If you choose that option, no one will find your Course in our listing and search pages anymore. You will have to share your Course links with your potential audience e.g. on your social accounts. It could be a useful strategy to some 5StarTeachers who are for example famous or very popular.

Note i: You can only activate Courses that are moderated and approved by our Team.
Note ii: If you don't have enough "Available Sessions" for the next 30 days, all your Courses will automatically be deactivated.

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FAQ #2505 - How many Courses can I activate?