How do you review or moderate my Courses?
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Good question.
We always say: do the right thing, every time.
We believe that doing the right thing is to ensure that you don't trick people, that you don't scam them, that you don't write any English mistakes (use an Ai to correct your English if necessary), that you don't create low quality, not in your text, not in your videos, not in your images or thumbnails.

And what about knowledge?
Who are we to judge you on your knowledge of the subject you want to teach? Do we need an expert on our team for every possible subject or topic who is "more" experienced than you? We don't think so. Besides, that would be simply impossible.

And what about degrees?
Some teachers who have degrees are terrible teachers. Others who don't have degrees are some of the best.
Therefore moderation is not a matter of knowledge or degrees. It is a matter of quality, experience, and commitment. And we agree, that is a subjective matter. But if we can't find that in your Course, it won't be approved. We are 5StarTeachers after all, not "4.9-star Teachers". So live up to it!

And if it does happen that your Course can't be approved, our moderator will leave a comment for you on your Course on how to fix it.

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FAQ #2506 - How do you review or moderate my Courses?