What are the steps to become a 5StarTeacher?
The Answer: 

1. Create a profile as Teacher, Coach, Consultant or Expert. You need to have a Linkedin profile for this.
2. Verify your account.
3. Take our Pre-Teacher Training Quiz (easy) and agree to the terms and conditions.
4. Update your profile, (our system will guide you)
5. Create your first Single-session Course,
6. Create 50 Sessions available for booking,
7. Create a Personal Introduction Video,
8. Create a Course Introduction Video.

When you are happy with your content, set each of these items to "Ready to go!" and your profile will go in our moderation queue.
9. Allow 48 hours for our team to check and moderate your profile and content.
10. If all is good, our CEO will book one of your Available Sessions to have a short interview with you.
11. And if that is all good: CONGRATULATIONS! You've just become an approved 5StarTeacher and you can start earning money from wherever you are in the world by sharing massive amounts of value via teaching, coaching, or advising 1-to-1 online, via screen sharing on our platform. Yay!

Good to know: Check your profile page to see a comprehensible profile status card. (this is private info)

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FAQ #2508 - What are the steps to become a 5StarTeacher?