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Good communication vs Perfect English

Good communication is not the same as perfect English” is what I repeatedly tell my students. Why? Because I believe that too many people are so focused on getting it perfect instead of making sure that the other person understands exactly what it is that you want to say. There’s nothing wrong with striving for perfect English but no one on earth has ever reached it, in my opinion. Sure, some come close but ask yourself “How many people know every single English word that exists AND also know how to pronounce it?” The answer: probably none. That’s right, not even the native English speakers themselves know every word that is in the dictionary. Do you know every word from the dictionary in your language? ... I thought so. 


How does it look like?

If you need to communicate more effectively in the office, then this is the course for you. I’ll provide you with sentence structures, useful phrases for your daily office life, and strategies in a written and spoken English format that simply WORK wonders. Effective communication should be focused on simplicity and a win-win situation. For example: you want to say something in English in order for your colleague to do and to do it the way you want it to be done and so that you can TRUST that they will do it that way. People often call this an ORDER. But ordering is not always a win-win situation. It’s often punishment-based or reward-based communication that was invented in the late 1800s because they wanted their workforce to work harder in the factories and produce more with better quality. Okay, that worked for a while but ask yourself this: “How often do I feel happy and excited when my boss talks to me and asks me to do something?

... I thought so.


Good vs Great

Good communication is about making sure that the other people understand what you really want to say. Great communication however, is about influencing other people. Influencing is not convincing, persuading or coaxing people to do something. Influencing is authentically speaking or writing such that the other person sees how you see it, sees the benefits of how you see it, gets excited about it and really WANTS to support you in accomplishing that task.

So we will be focusing on both: (1) influencing others and (2) communicating effectively in English with your bosses and colleagues so that they like you better, you feel better, become happier and worry less.
That’s the goal. 


And along the way 

By taking these Sessions with me, you build up your English confidence and fluency, you improve your pronunciation, learn new vocabulary and useful commonly-used phrases that native English speakers use in the office. You learn how to simplify things, create simple sentence structures that are easy to remember. The more useful phrases you can quickly say, the more you will use them and the more English confidence you’ll gain over time. Did you notice that I want it to be 'useful'?   


Bonus: After each session I will record a short Listening Exercise for you to listen to and repeat outside of the Sessions so that you learn useful and simple but effective sentences EFFORTLESSLY.

良好的溝通 vs 完美的英語





如果你需要在工作上更有效地溝通,這就是為你而設的課程。我會提供句子結構、有利日常工作的語句、以及效用非凡的說寫英文策略。有效的溝通應該以簡明(simplicity)及雙贏 (win-win situation)為重點。舉個例子:你想用英語說些什麼,以便你的同事按照你想要的方式去做,這樣你就可以相信他們將會如此實行。大家通常會稱這樣為「命令」。但命令不總是雙贏,而是基於賞罰的溝通。這是1800年代後期的產物,源於當時想讓工廠工人更勤力工作,以及生產更多品質好的東西。好的,這的確是曾經有效過一段時間,但試問問你自己:




好 vs 傑出


所以我們將會有兩個重點:1)影響別人,以及 2)以英語和你的上司及同事有效溝通,從而令他們更喜歡你、令你感覺更好、更快樂和更少憂慮。








(Translated by Barry Lam. Edited by Sonia Chan)

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