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What are Listening Exercises?
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The ListeningExercise™ was introduced by the founder to help his English students improve their English speaking ability through listening repeatedly to a 1-minute professionally-recorded voice recording. Together with his Student, he creates a script for these voice recordings during the Session. After each Session he uploads the recording so that his Student learns English by immersion: listening to something that is truly useful to them and that they can use on a daily basis. Learning by immersion is a highly effective teaching method.
These audio recordings are not limited to learn English or any another language. They are also often used for memorising, public speaking, business pitching, sales pitching, or staying positive and motivated. We are very curious to see how our Teachers will use this feature.

Please note that if your Course is a language Course, it is not mandatory that your Teacher creates these ListeningExercises™ for you, unless they mention it in the Course description. So always read the Course description carefully.

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FAQ #1849 - What are Listening Exercises?